target gift cards value

target gift cards value

target gift cards value

How target gift cards value Works. To qualify for a Reward, you must: (1) be a U.S. resident, 18 years of age or older; (2) provide accurate registration information (including your name and contact information, i.e., valid residential and email addresses), and (3) COMPLETE THE REQUIRED NUMBER AND LEVELS OF DEALS WHICH REFERS TO A GROUP OF DEALS (“LEVELS”) AND DEALS, WHICH USUALLY REQUIRE PAID PARTICIPATION OR PAID SUBSCRIPTION.

within a sixty-day period that commences on the date that you complete your first Deal (you will have options in terms of the Deals you select to complete and if one or more Deals that you select require longer than 60 days to earn credit – for example, you must pay for a monthly subscription charge following a trial period – you will have the length of time required to earn credit for the Deal plus an additional 60 days thereafter to complete the requisite number and categories of  Deals). Once you have completed the required number and Levels of Deals to qualify for your Reward, you must promptly complete the reward claim process, which requires ID verification, to claim and obtain your Reward. Once you start the Reward claim process, you must complete it within thirty (30) days.

Choose your Reward. To earn your Reward, you must complete the number of Deals at each Level that corresponds to the Reward value of your choosing. You can claim your Reward early once you’ve completed the minimum number of Deals per Level. The Level Up program allows you to select or change your Reward value up until you begin the process to claim your Reward. Once you start the Reward claim process, you must obtain the Reward you selected.

Completion of Deals. The various Levels and Deals are only available after you have completed the registration process, and reviewed the survey pages (you can skip to the end of the survey pages by clicking the “Skip” button that’s on every page of the survey), and viewed optional offers. Information on survey pages and optional offers, which do not need to be completed to qualify for a Reward, are set out below.

target gift cards value

To be credited with completion of a deal, you must access the Deal through the Website on a Deal page, through a valid link provided to you by customer support or through a link obtained through our refer-a-friend micro-affiliate program described below. If you link to a Deal and complete it in any other manner, you may not receive credit for that Deal.  must use the same accurate contact information for completing the required Deals as you did during the registration process in order to receive credit towards a Reward for a Deal. You may not have a third party (friend, relative, etc.) complete Deals for you.  cannot sign up for the same Deal more than once to get credit for a Reward.

If you do not complete all of the required Deals during your initial visit to the Website, click the “Reward Status” button (located in the footer section of the Website’s landing page), log in, and use the provided link that will enable you to resume signing up for Deals. If you are unable to resume signing up for Deals via this method, please contact customer support for assistance. You should retain any confirmation emails or other documentation received applicable to the completed Deals so that, if requested, you can document the completion of the required Deals.

For a subscription or purchase Deal, the Marketing Partner must be able to successfully bill your credit card at least once or for the number of times specified in the particular Deal’s terms to receive credit. Some of our Marketing Partners will not accept prepaid cards to complete Deals. You will not be credited with completing a Deal unless the Marketing Partner confirms your completion, so do not use a prepaid card for Deals or cancel a Deal right after you signup.

Many Marketing Partners will not give credit to a “quick cancel.” For this reason, there may be a delay from the time you sign up for a Deal and when it appears as a completed Deal on your Reward Status. Additional terms and conditions may apply to participate in select Deals. You should read the terms of each Deal provided by the Marketing Partner for an explanation of these terms. Specific Deal terms, as well as the Terms and Conditions set out herein (if applicable), govern each Deal. See our Representative Deal Chart for a brief description of most Deals, information on initial and ongoing commitments, and how to cancel. For additional information on Deals, visit the sponsoring Marketing Partner’s website.


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